Summer chicken recipes

7 Easy Summer Chicken Recipes

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It’s summertime and no one wants to stay in the kitchen and spend all day cooking. We have compiled the most requested summer chicken recipes on Pinterest. Super easy and delicious recipes.

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Summer Chicken Recipes

We have compiled 7 of our favorite summer chicken recipes from Pinterest. We are happy to send you the link for the recipes when you fill out the form below.

Santa Fe Chicken Foil Pack

This grilled chicken foil packet recipe has become a beloved choice for cooking outdoors. With the addition of black beans, corn, and salsa, it transforms into a deliciously seasoned dish that is ideal for grilling, baking in the oven, or even preparing over a campfire!

This would be perfect around the campfire and top it off with smores of course.

Southwest Chicken Wraps

Indulge in a budget-friendly and effortless family dinner or lunch with this delectable southwest chicken wraps recipe that can be prepared in a mere 25 minutes!

Make it lower carb with low carb tortillas. This wrap is full of protein and deliciousness. Add some chips and guacamole to finish off the dinner.

Bursting with crunchy chicken, vibrant veggies, black beans, and a mouthwatering southwest dressing, this Tex-Mex chicken wrap recipe is sure to secure a permanent spot in your family’s meal lineup!

Grilled Bourbon Peach BBQ Chicken

Experience the irresistible allure of succulent, caramelized bourbon peach BBQ chicken, coated in a tantalizing spice rub and generously glazed with a barbeque sauce infused with luscious, ripe peaches.

Prepare for a finger-licking feast that will leave you craving for more! Simply add your favorite side dish or salad for a complete dinner. This is the perfect summer chicken recipes with fresh peaches.

Fiesta Lime Chicken (Applebee Copycat recipe)

Embrace the flavors of summer with our beloved Fiesta Lime Chicken, inspired by Applebee’s famous recipe!

This delightful grilled dish features tender lime-infused chicken served over a bed of Mexican rice, and crowned with zesty lime ranch, vibrant pico de gallo, and crispy tortilla strips.

It’s the perfect easy and satisfying meal to enjoy during the sunny season! You can also add some refried beans or side salad for sides and dinner is done.

Pineapple Chicken Kabobs

Elevate your taste buds with these Pineapple Chicken Kabobs inspired by the tropical flavors of Hawaii. These delectable skewers are generously coated with a tantalizing tropical basting sauce and grilled to perfection, resulting in tender and caramelized goodness.

Prepare to savor a fresh and flavorful summer meal that will transport you to a culinary paradise!

Chicken Gyros

Prepare to indulge in the ultimate simplicity and deliciousness with our best-ever Chicken Gyros recipe.

Tender marinated chicken, accompanied by creamy tzatziki sauce, fresh tomato, crisp cucumber, and zesty onion, all nestled within a warm pita.

Get ready to experience an effortless yet incredibly satisfying culinary delight! Serve with rice or fresh fruit and dinner is served.

Bruschetta Chicken

Summer chicken recipes

Take your bruschetta game to new heights with this delightful twist on a classic, now transformed into a satisfying supper option.

Grilled or baked chicken breasts take center stage, adorned with diced tomatoes, fragrant basil, and a tangy balsamic glaze, resulting in a swift, uncomplicated, and nourishing dinner recipe.

Embrace the essence of summer by opting for the freshest produce available, as it guarantees the most exquisite flavors in every bite of Bruschetta Chicken!

These Summer chicken recipes are super easy to make and dinner is done in 30 minutes or less.

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