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21 Green Fruit That Are Delicious

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You might be surprised how many green fruits exist in the world. Today we are exploring a delicious green fruit you might just want to add to a meal or snack.

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Green Fruit


Kiwis offer a delightful blend of sweetness and tartness, making them a fun and tasty fruit. Their oval, almost egg-shaped form is adorned with brown, fuzzy skin, while the moment you slice them open, you’ll be greeted by the sight of vibrant green flesh adorned with striking black seeds.

As kiwis ripen, their taste can be reminiscent of strawberries, bananas, and pineapple, providing a versatile flavor experience. Beyond their delicious taste, kiwis boast impressive nutritional value, serving as an excellent source of vitamin C and abundant antioxidants.

Savor kiwis as a delightful standalone treat, or elevate your culinary adventures by incorporating them into smoothies and parfaits. The possibilities to enjoy the goodness of Kiwis are truly boundless!


Avocados, known for their alluring creaminess and versatility, are indeed fruits brimming with nutrients such as vitamin C, folate, and potassium. Notably, they stand out as an excellent source of healthy fats and fiber, contributing to a well-balanced diet.

A perfectly ripe avocado exhibits a firmness with a slight give when gently pressed from the outside. Inside, a beautiful green hue awaits, accompanied by a soft and creamy texture that is simply irresistible.

These delectable fruits have earned fame for their starring roles in guacamole and avocado toast, making them a kitchen essential.

Beyond these classics, avocados lend themselves gracefully to various culinary pursuits. Elevate your salads with their succulent slices, add a delightful creaminess to burger buns with a mash of avocado, or even create refreshing smoothies by blending this nutritious fruit into your favorite beverages.

Furthermore, the possibilities are endless, and avocados are here to add both flavor and nourishment to your culinary adventures.

Green Grapes

Green grapes, also known as “white” grapes, are small berries that flourish in bunches on vines. They stand as the most popular variety of grapes consumed.

These grapes typically boast bright green skin, which adds a subtle shine to their appearance. Their shape varies, with most being either long ovals or round.

These delectable fruits offer a fantastic snacking option, perfect for satisfying sweet cravings. Additionally, their versatility shines through when sliced and added to salads or layered in delightful parfaits.

For an extra touch of sweet freshness, consider incorporating green grapes into your next charcuterie board.

Their natural sweetness complements the savory elements beautifully, adding a refreshing twist to the assortment. Enjoy the delightful flavor and texture of green grapes in any way that suits your palate!

Green Apples

Green apples stand out with their characteristic tartness and crispness, setting them apart from their sweeter counterparts.

Their unmistakable feature is the bright green, waxy skin that catches the eye easily. Moreover, they boast significant nutritional value, being high in fiber and rich in vitamins C and A.

Among the green apple varieties, Granny Smiths hold the most renown. They excel as baking apples due to their unique texture, making them a top choice for various culinary delights.

Unlike some other apple types with lower acidity, green apples retain their form and texture admirably during baking, resisting the tendency to turn into mush. This quality makes them ideal for creating delectable tarts and pies that maintain their delightful consistency.

For a delightful and wholesome snack, consider dipping green apples in peanut butter, adding a satisfying contrast of flavors.

Whether you’re baking, snacking, or crafting a nutritious treat, green apples bring their zesty charm to the table, adding a refreshing twist to your culinary experiences.


Gooseberries belong to the berry family and share some similarities with grapes. They are petite and round, featuring light green, frequently translucent skin.

Despite their small size, gooseberries pack a powerful tart flavor, accompanied by soft flesh. However, it’s essential to be mindful of the numerous tiny seeds they contain before enjoying them.

Due to its intense sourness, this green fruit is best suited for cooking or sweetening purposes. They shine splendidly in jams and tarts, where their unique tang can be balanced with sweetness.

Moreover, they make a delightful addition to sauces, chutneys, or can be blended into smoothies, infusing these culinary creations with their distinctive character.

Embrace the sour-sweet goodness of gooseberries in various culinary delights, knowing that their distinctive taste is perfectly harnessed when combined with complementary flavors and textures.

Green Pears

During the colder months, the delectable green pears grace us with their presence, adding a burst of flavor to the season.

Among the diverse pear varieties, the green ones hold the most widespread recognition. They come in various shades, from white to red, but the green hue remains an icon.

Pears are easily distinguished by their characteristic shape – round and wide at the base, tapering towards the top. The flesh of these fruits boasts a soft, buttery texture and an abundance of juiciness.

Different pear varieties offer varying textures, with firmer ones excelling in poaching and baking, making them ideal for warm and comforting dishes.

On the other hand, soft pears are perfect companions for sandwiches, salads, or as delightful standalone snacks. Their tender consistency lends a touch of lusciousness to any culinary creation.

So, whether you enjoy this green fruit in warm, comforting recipes or as a refreshing addition to your salads and snacks, green pears bring their delightful taste and texture to the table, enhancing the joy of the colder months for this green fruit.

Mexican Sour Cucumber

The name of these small fruits might be a little perplexing, but don’t let that fool you!

Mexican sour cucumbers, despite their name, turn surprisingly sweet when they reach ripeness. Their flavor can be best described as a delightful fusion of cucumber and lemon notes.

Resembling miniature watermelons, they are as tiny as grapes in size.

These charming fruits grow on vines, and their ideal way to be enjoyed is as a delightful snack or sliced to enhance the taste of salads.

So, embrace the uniqueness of these Mexican sour cucumbers, as they bring a delightful twist to your taste buds, and let their refreshing sweetness elevate your snacking or salad experiences!

Honeydew Melon

Honeydew, a melon variety closely akin to cantaloupe, boasts a pale green outer rind with an intriguing scale-like texture. Inside, the flesh presents a lovely light green-white hue adorned with yellow-brown seeds.

Indulge in the luscious sweetness of this fruit, as its flesh becomes soft and delectable when fully ripe.

Though abundant in seeds, fear not, for with a simple scoop of a spoon after slicing, you can effortlessly remove them.

Savor the honeydew’s delightful taste and texture by enjoying it as a refreshing snack, or elevate your culinary creations by adding it to smoothies and salads.

The versatility of this sweet melon knows no bounds and is ready to enhance your gastronomic experiences. It’s a delicious green fruit you need to try.

Sour Green Plum

Although they may resemble green apples at first glance, these are, in fact, sour green plums.

With their modest size and distinct tartness, these plums feature smooth green skins. Inside, you’ll find light green flesh with a central white pit.

Raw consumption of these fruits is not recommended due to their intense sourness, making them unsuitable for snacking.

Nevertheless, their zesty nature makes them a perfect ingredient for relishes and sauces. Embrace their tartness and enhance various dishes by incorporating these sour green plums, infusing your culinary creations with a burst of tangy flavor.

Their versatility ensures they’ll be an excellent addition to a wide array of foods. They are definitely a green fruit to try.


Limes, the ubiquitous citrus green fruit, are easily found in any grocery store or supermarket.

Distinguished from their tart and yellow lemon counterparts, limes are smaller, donning deep green skins, and possess a touch of sweetness in their flavor.

Their delightful sweet-sour balance makes them an incredibly versatile ingredient, lending their zesty charm to a wide variety of recipes. From pies and tarts to cakes and beyond, limes can elevate the taste of numerous culinary delights.

In addition to their extensive culinary use, limes are prominent in Indian and Mexican cuisines, where their vibrant flavor adds a special touch to traditional dishes. Moreover, they are beloved in cocktail-making, contributing to refreshing and tangy concoctions.

Embrace the vibrancy of limes, and let their delightful taste brighten up your culinary experiences, whether in savory or sweet creations or in your favorite cocktails!

Ugli Fruit

Someone should have named this green fruit a better name because it isn’t ugly.

Many people say, it appears like a delightful blend of grapefruit and orange. Although its bumpy green skin might not seem flawless. Sized similar to a grapefruit, its citrusy flesh boasts a super juicy texture.

When it comes to taste, the ugli green fruit falls somewhere between an orange and a grapefruit. It exudes a pleasant tartness, yet it carries a sweetness that surpasses that of a grapefruit.

Truly, you can enjoy ugli fruit in much the same way as you would any other citrus fruit. Don’t let the name or appearance deter you from savoring the unique and delicious experience it offers!

Green Fruits

Let’s take a look at a few more green fruits that are worth trying soon.


Guavas, the stunning tropical fruit, are a true delight to behold and savor.

Adorned with green skin and vibrant red or pink flesh, they offer a delectable flavor that beautifully balances sweetness with a delightful touch of sourness, reminiscent of a strawberry and a pear combined.

Beyond their appealing taste, guavas are rich in nutrients, boasting abundant vitamin C, even surpassing the levels found in a whole orange, as well as an abundance of antioxidants.

For a quick and nourishing pick-me-up, incorporate guavas into your smoothies. This on-the-go treat will not only provide a burst of flavor but also infuse your body with essential nutrients, making it a fantastic addition to your daily routine.

Embrace the beauty and goodness of guavas as you indulge in their tropical essence!

Green Kiwano

Kiwanos, famously known as the horned melon, sport an intriguing appearance with green or yellow outer skin adorned with horned spines, which lends them their fitting name.

Once you venture beyond their unique exterior, you’ll find green kiwanos boasting flesh with a fascinating flavor, somewhat reminiscent of a blend between cucumber, zucchini, and kiwi. As the fruit ripens, it takes on a banana-like taste.

To enjoy the kiwano, simply scoop the pulp from the rind and relish it raw or cooked. Its versatility shines through as you can incorporate it into various dishes. Add its delightful essence to smoothies, yogurt, or even indulge in its sweet goodness when paired with ice cream.

Embrace the culinary adventure that kiwanos, these green fruits have to offer, and let their distinct taste and texture enhance your dishes with a touch of novelty and deliciousness!


Starfruit never fails to bring joy with its delightful appearance. As the name implies, when you slice it, the star-like shape adds a touch of wonder to any dish.

At the peak of ripeness, starfruits boast a yellow hue adorned with light green patches. However, even when still green, they are safe to eat and offer a yummy experience.

Once the seeds are removed, you can enjoy starfruit raw. Its refreshing taste and unique texture make it a perfect choice to enhance smoothie bowls or grace the spread of a breakfast buffet. Its decorative appeal adds an elegant and delicious flair to your culinary creations.

Let the starfruit brighten up your meals with its charm, whether you savor it as a fresh and healthy treat or use it to elevate the presentation of your dishes to a whole new level!


While commonly considered vegetables, cucumbers indeed fall into the category of refreshing green fruits and are, technically speaking, a type of berry.

These elongated and cylindrical fruits feature light green flesh and deep green skin, encompassing numerous edible seeds within. Their flavor profile tends to be exceedingly mild.

With a delightful crispness and occasional touch of bitterness, cucumbers find their way into many culinary creations.

They make frequent appearances in refreshing salads, and their cool essence adds a lovely touch to cocktails, creating a revitalizing experience for the palate.

Custard Apples

Custard apples, also known as custard fruits, stand out as a truly unique and fascinating food.

With their green hue and distinct appearance resembling a small green pinecone, these fruits boast thick, bumpy, and leathery skin, which might not immediately suggest their edibility.

Yet, hidden beneath that rugged exterior lies a delightful surprise – creamy flesh with a luscious tropical flavor.

However, caution must be exercised, as custard apples contain black seeds within their flesh, which are highly toxic.

Before indulging in this delectable fruit as a snack, make sure to remove these seeds, ensuring a safe and enjoyable culinary experience.

Embrace the captivating taste and texture of custard apples, savoring the unique goodness they bring to your palate.


Noni, are distinctive tropical green fruits, that boast an incredibly bumpy exterior.

This fascinating fruit typically sports a pale yellow-green hue, displaying an oval shape, and can reach up to seven inches in length.

Before adding noni to your collection of fruits, it’s important to bear in mind that they may develop a scent reminiscent of mature cheese!

Inside, the flesh of noni fruits offers a bitter taste accompanied by a pungent aroma. A delightful way to prepare them is by cutting them into chunks and frying them in coconut milk with a blend of spices.

Despite its unconventional qualities, noni presents a culinary adventure for those seeking unique flavors and textures.

So, embrace the exotic allure of noni as you explore its pungent delights in your culinary pursuits.


Breadfruit, a tropical delight, earns its name from its distinctive appearance. While initially green, the fruit’s skin transforms into a charming blend of greenish-yellow and brown shades as it matures.

Thanks to its bumpy texture, it bears a resemblance to bread, adding to its unique allure.

Moreover, breadfruit offers a slightly starchy flavor akin to that of a potato.

Enjoy this versatile fruit in its raw form or use it to enhance a range of desserts, embracing the delightful taste and culinary possibilities it brings to the table.

Whether as a snack or a delightful addition to your sweet creations, breadfruit is here to elevate your tropical fruit experience.


Botanically classified as green fruits, zucchini stands out for retaining its own seeds.

Despite this, zucchinis are more commonly utilized in savory dishes, primarily due to their remarkable ability to absorb the flavors of other ingredients when cooked together.

With a green exterior, zucchinis can be easily mistaken for cucumbers. However, their flesh differs, being less juicy and denser.

As a versatile member of the squash family, zucchinis lend themselves gracefully to various cooking methods. You can steam, sauté, boil, or grill them, adapting their preparation to suit your culinary desires.

And here’s a delightful surprise – venture beyond the traditional savory recipes and experiment by adding zucchini to pumpkin bread!

Much like shredded carrot, it brings moisture without overpowering the flavor, making it a perfect addition for moist and tasty baked goods.

Embrace the versatility of zucchini in your kitchen and discover the wonders it brings to both sweet and savory culinary adventures!


Pomelos, the grand citrus green fruits, delight with their deliciously sweet taste.

Resembling grapefruits in appearance, they share similar flavors, though without the added bitterness.

The light green skin of a pomelo boasts an impressively thick texture, accompanied by a white pith. Inside, the flesh reveals a juicy and vibrant pink hue.

Thriving in tropical regions, pomelos offer a multitude of culinary possibilities.

Indulge in their sweetness by incorporating them into sweet desserts or creating flavorful marmalades. For a quick and refreshing snack, simply scoop out the flesh and enjoy it raw.

Embrace the versatility of pomelos, as they elevate both sweet and tangy creations, adding a burst of flavor and a touch of tropical delight to your culinary experiences.

Greengage Plums

During the fall months, these greenish-hued plums grace us with their delightful presence.

Harvested towards the end of September, they offer a truly unique and delightful strawberry-like flavor. I find them exceptionally delicious when paired with peaches and apricots, creating a medley of exquisite tastes.

As canning season arrives, greengage plums take center stage, proving to be an excellent choice for crafting delectable jams and jellies, preserving their enchanting essence for enjoyment all year round.

Embrace the beauty of greengage plums and savor this green fruit delightful taste in various culinary creations.

I hope you found a new green fruit to try. You never know when you will find something new you can’t live without.

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